‘Sleep gunk’ by Jojo Knowles June 18 – June 25

Jojo Knowles is an artist whose work spans through performance, installation, video, sculpture, and writing. Using art as a form of play and emotional protection, she builds an imaginative world to help her chew on the experience of daily life.

Her exhibition ‘Sleep gunk’ is a glimpse into an artistic practice born out of fears, childhood, and dreams.
It’s when imagination takes over, when the smell of fish won’t leave your nostrils, it’s the shaking twinge of fragility on the fingertips, it’s placing whipped cream on horror and taking a bath in it.

With ‘Sleep gunk’, she aims to create a space that cradles you within your fears. It is where dreams go to rest.

Open daily from 10am to 8pm. Free entrance


June 18

3pm: Opening exhibition

5pm: Welcome drinks accompanied by tunes from Tom de Kok

7pm: Performance interjection by Jojo

Knowles and Inga Hirsch

10pm :Finish 


On Sunday the 24th, the last day of the exhibition, she invites you to a special one-time-only performance and celebration of Midsummer in the evening sun, with music and dancing and games.